What We do.

Dedicated to Your Health.

SVG Athletics is a community. You will find teachers, realtors,  firefighters, law enforcement, engineers, healthcare providers, and college students. Our athletes range in age from 16 to 60+. We are parents, grandparents, siblings, partners, and friends. Some of us have long backgrounds in sports, and some are working out for the first time. But what we all have in common is motivation, hard work, a sense of community, and respect — for ourselves, and each other.

What to Expect.

Our functional fitness class workouts are challenging and varied, but never impossible. All classes are coached by certified trainers, and most importantly, every workout is scaled so that we can meet every athlete at their level and we can all work and succeed together

If you are willing to focus and put in the work,  you will find that even though this is not an ordinary workout, it is very much a workout for ordinary people. People just like you.

Savage Strength and Barbell

For those who want to put some extra time into perfecting the challenge and complexity of olympic lifting, we offer coached barbell sessions every  Tuesday and Saturday in the weight room.

Coached by Doug Blair, a USAW Level II certified trainer, Savage Strength and Barbell will reward those who put in the effort with bigger, smoother, more efficient lifts and is a perfect complement to our functional fitness classes.

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